“(US Attorney) Memeger said the relationship with Sawyer and Kaufman grew out of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s mandate in 2010 to address violent crime in cities through prevention and a focus on reentry as well as prosecution. ‘You can’t arrest your way out of a problem,’ Memeger said… ‘Most offenders will get back out into the community.’​​- Amy Rosenberg, The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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​Everyone in Philadelphia needs to watch this movie.
​Let’s show it in schools and churches and every Philly neighborhood. Then let’s talk about all the issues it raises about race and class and crime and poverty.” – Helen UbinasThe Philadelphia Daily News

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“…the documentary was very eye opening… (in the film) he said, “all we get is criticism, but what we need is constructive criticism.” That scene was very riveting and you could feel a shift in the audience after he was done speaking.”-Angel Laws, 

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“​With co -director Jon Kaufman, Sawyer followed three men over the course of a year who were making the transition from prison back to society.” –6ABC News

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“The story in Pull if Gravity is about a lack of jobs and opportunity in North Philadelphia, but it’s also about a street culture and gray economy built in the absence of formal possibilities.” -Allyn Gaestel,

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Mayor Michael Nutter’s reaction to “Pull of Gravity” at first advance screening.

Michael K. Williams’ reaction to “Pull of Gravity”

Interview with Pusha T on “Pull Of Gravity”

Interview with El Sawyer and US Attorney Robert Reed